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Our Lead to Inspire - Empowerment & Leadership project guides newly-arrived migrant woman to become leaders and peer-mentors in the local community and shape change both in themselves and in the world around them. The course is an intensive, 15 hours a week, 6 month course focused on all areas of leadership development.

Culminating in a user led final project in which women are tasked with the design and implementation of a small scale community event, the Empowerment & Leadership project consists of five interwoven modules that all culminate in the successful community event. We build on the foundation of English Language classes to develop our participant’s skills in negotiating and debating as well as teaching women ways to assess their feelings and assert their opinions. Computer Information Technology (CIT) classes cover the basic computer skills demanded in the modern workplace and provide women with the knowledge to create the products necessary to plan and publicise a community event.

The volunteering and community engagement aspect of the project has already attracted interest from the Tower Hamlet’s Strategic Housing team. Facing an under-representation of women in the resident’s meetings across the estates of Whitechapel the ability of our women to engage with and inspire confidence in the female residents of the estates is being explored. Ultimately our women will initiate the change in their community that they wish to see.

Our next enrolment is January 2014. If you would like to know more contact Sarah at  Sarah@thearbour.org.uk or ring 0207 780 3112.

This project is funded by the European Integration Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals.


Lead to Inspire Tumblr

  • lead To Inspire participants create Chinese Health Information "N" Assistance website and leaflets #userledproject

    Three Lead To Inspire participants, Elaine, Christina and LiWei have produced two bi-lingual leaflets  and an information website for people entering the country from mandarin speaking countries to learn how to access the NHS and understand what to expect if you might be diabetic, a growing condition amongst China’s older generation.

     The leaflets, designed by Erco Laii provide new residents and visitors with the essential information about the healthcare they can expect through the NHS in the UK. As Elaine explains, “In China there is no such thing as a GP. If I am ill I go to the hospital and see a specialist. The C.H.I.N.A project is a way to empower people to learn their basic rights and systems within their new community.”

    For more information about the C.H.I.N.A project of if you would like to request some leaflets for your organisation, please visit http://hellovera99.wix.com/china# or contact Jessica@thearbour.org.uk



  • The Arbour to host event to find out what's Tower Hamlets' biggest asset- have your say this Thursday! #THcommunity

    This Thursday, The Arbour is hosting a community event to celebrate the culmination of ‘Community Builders’, a project in  partnership with Tower Hamlets Public Health. Over the course of 4 weeks, volunteers from 6 different organisations have utilised training in appreciative enquiry techniques to get out into the community and speak face-to-face with members of the public in order to map the assets and services available in Tower Hamlets. The event will see the 6 organisations who have taken part in the project share their findings in an ‘open space’ workshop, allowing a comprehensive picture of the different assets available, which will should prove a valuable resource for the local community as well as aid Tower Hamlets Public Health in its future development of service provision in the borough. The Arbour, which was the lead organisation on the project, will be joined by representatives from Osmani, Peabody, The Stifford Centre, Providence Row and The Rooted Forum, all of whom collaborated on the project. Members of the public, including those who were consulted during the mapping process, are also invited to attend and take part in the sharing.

    If you are interested in taking part in the event or would like more information about the project please contact Jessica@thearbour.org.uk


  • The Arbour announces it's Leadership and Integration training series 2014 #LDNtrainings

    Lead To Inspire at the Arbour will be offering a range of free trainings providing creative strategies to produce more effective project evaluation and dynamic fundraising. This series, run by our Integration Trainer Karl Rouse will cover techniques such as using Mindfulness techniques in the work place, activating your mission statements and using Theory of Change to evaluate and explain your project in language funders can relate to.

    If your organisation is interested in booking an in-house training or you would like to be added to our mailing list for our regional trainings then please contact Sarah@thearbour.org.uk


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